Pioneers B&W Museum

The 4th and 5th grade pioneers pose at the museum on their field trip.  Below they are pictured with their tour guide Alan Pickett.

Pioneers & Mr. Pickett at Salubria

 The Graduating Class of 2016!


  May Away

May 2nd:  Mystery Mom Party 7pm MPR

May 4th:  Cheerleading Parent Meeting 6pm MPR

May 5th:  Last Day Pre-School

                May 5th:  HS Track @ New Plymouth

May 6th:  Secondary Student Work Day 8am-noon

                May 6th:  JRH Track Meet @ McCall noon

May 7th:  Long Pin Track Meet HSB

May 9th:  4-H Meeting 6:30 MPR

May 11th:  K-1 Field Trip

May 12th:  Academic Awards Secondary 2pm

May 13 & 14:  District Track New Plymouth

May 14th:  Bike-A-Thon

May 16th:  Board Meeting 7pm

May 18th:  Band Concert 7pm

May 19th:  Kindergarten Graduation 2pm

May 20 & 21st:  State Track Middleton

May 24th:  Elementary Concert 7pm

May 25th:  End of 2nd Semester

May 26th:  Track BBQ in Midvale Park 6pm

May 27th:  Class of 2016 Graduation 7pm






sign boys

Johnny Carpenter, Tyrel Barnett, and Garrett Bunker are pictured with the new “Welcome Sign” that they constructed for the turn off of Bridge Street onto School Road.  These dedicated 8th grade students were the lucky individuals that got the task of giving the space the “face lift” that Mrs. Morris envisioned.  The boys learned how to use a hedge trimmer to prune the bushes; they painted the structure and planted new foliage.  In their woodshop class under the direction of Mr. Mann the boys built, painted, and designed a new sign.  The result is a vast improvement over the previous condition of the site.  Thank you gentlemen for your help and hard work!!!   ~~Mrs. Morris





Property Tax Support

I shall never use profanity except in discussing house rent and taxes. ~Mark Twain

A couple of months back, there was a Facebook post in which a Midvale patron expressed their astonishment about how little property tax they paid that went to support their local school. I suspect that in prior years we may have paid our property tax without looking at the specifics of how much and what taxing entity our tax dollar was supporting. It is also likely that many property owners are under the assumption that a large portion of their property tax goes to support their local school. Unlike most taxes that we pay to the State or Federal government, the County and Local property tax notice is transparent and gives a detailed breakout of what our property tax dollars go to support.

The table below shows the levy rate, amount and percentage of property taxes paid based on $100,000 of assessed property value for the Midvale and Cambridge taxing districts.

Midvale School Taxing District Tax paid/


% 0f Property Tax Support Cambridge School Taxing


Tax paid/ $100,000 % of Property Tax Support
County $ 552.37 72.2% County $ 552.37 63%
Midvale School Tort $ 11.04 1.4 % School


$132.19 15%
Road & Bridge $ 62.62 8.2% Road & Bridge $ 62.62 7.1%
Special Bridge $ 20.00 2.6% Special Bridge $ 20.00 2.3%
Midvale Cemetery $ 24.28 3.2% Salubria


$21.07 2.4%

Fire District

$ 66.80 8.7% Cambridge

Fire Dist.

$46.02 5.3%
Midvale Library $ 20.34 2.7% Cambridge


$35.20 4%


$ 7.65 1% Flood


$ 7.65 .9%


Midvale Board trustees have made every effort to preserve a low property tax rate, which currently is the lowest of the 115 school districts in the state. The board can certify an emergency levy without a vote, in years when the schools enrollment increases.  For several years the board has declined to implement these emergency levies, although the District qualified to do so.  For the current year, the school will receive a total of $13,751 from local property tax.  This entire amount will be used to pay the district’s annual liability insurance premiums.  In contrast, 94 of the 115 Idaho school districts currently have additional local levies that support their school operations.  Even without additional property tax support, the Midvale school has continued to maintain a highly qualified staff and quality student programs, preserving its status of one of the top rated schools in the state.

Board trustees are currently considering asking district patrons for their support of a levy in August to fund the completion of the interior components of the new secondary school and gymnasium.  The trustees are committed to continuing to provide quality educational opportunities for our community students. The new facility will insure that those opportunities are available for future generations, and although unpopular, property tax is the only method at the schools disposal to complete this project in a timely manner.