Readers earning a certain amount of AR points over the summer were rewarded with a pool party on Aug. 27th.

pool2Congrats to these dedicated students!   





Mrs. Warren and her FCCLA members that qualified for Nationals spent a week in Washington D.C.  These young ladies competed on the national stage and did a magnificent job of representing their school and state. 

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September Dates to Remember:

Sept. 4th: FB @ HSB 7:00p.m.


Sept. 8th: First Day of PreSchool

Sept. 10th: VB @ Salmon River 6:00p.m.

Sept. 10th: JRH VB & FB @ Salmon River 4:00p.m.

Sept. 11th: Student Work Day 8am-noon.

Sept. 11th: FB vs. Notus @ CHS 7:00p.m.

Sept. 12th: JV VB @ Weiser Tourney

Sept. 12th: JRH VB Tourney @ GV 9a.m.

Sept. 17th: VB @ Cascade 6:00

Sept. 17th: JRH VB & FB vs. Council @ CHS 5pm

Sept. 18th: VB vs Garden Valley @ MHS 6:00p.m.

Sept. 18th: FB @ Greenleaf vs GL/Rimrock @ 7:00p.m.

Sept. 19th: VB @ Grangeville Tourney

Sept. 21st: Board Meeting Conference Rm. 7p.m.

Sept. 22nd: VB vs Meadows @ MHS 6:00p.m.

Sept. 23rd: ASVAB grades 10-12.

Sept. 24th: VB vs Council @ MHS 6:00p.m.

Sept. 24th: JRH VB & FB vs. Meadows @ CHS 5pm

Sept. 26th: HS VB Titan Tourney 9:00a.m.

Sept. 29th: VB @ Meadows 6:00p.m.