September Citizens of the Month


Keith Farrens and Shawn McClary


Midvale School District September Citizens of the Month

By Principal KyLee Morris

Each month the Midvale School District honors an elementary and secondary student as the Citizen of the Month.  These students are nominated by and then voted on by staff members of the district.  Congratulations to Keith Farrens and Shawn McClary for being awarded as the September Citizens of the Month!

Keith Farrens

Keith is the son of Jared and Deana Farrens and little brother to Logan.  He is a 4th grade student in Mrs. DeVries classroom in the Midvale Elementary School.  Nominations on Keith’s behalf spoke of his excellent manners, willingness to help out other students, thoughtfulness, and his consistently positive attitude.  Staff members find that Keith interacts with his peers in a caring and respectful manner.  It was also noted that without being asked to do so, Keith looks for ways to be helpful and is willing to do the little extras that often go unnoticed.

Shawn McClary

Shawn is the daughter of Sam and Tracy McClary, and big sister to Sydney.  She is a junior at Midvale High School.  Shawn is involved in the FFA program and works for the district as an unparalleled summer and after school employee.  Shawn is an absolute asset to our school.  She’s hard working, polite, studious, and considerate.  She’s endeared herself to the staff with these traits and with her willingness to go the extra mile, never complain, and be kind and caring to all she comes in contact with.



 Staff and students bring the PINK to show support of cancer awareness on Oct. 6th.



October Dates:

10/1:  VB Tri-Match @ Council starts Noon

10/1:  JRH FB & VB in Pine Eagle starts 11 (MST)

10/4:  VB vs. Weiser starts 5pm

10/5:  FCCLA Beef Advocacy Day seminar starts 12:30

10/5:  4th & 5th Natural Resources Trip

10/6:  Support Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  Staff & students wear PINK!!

10/6:  VB @ Cascade starts 5pm

10/6:  JRH FB and VB in Cambridge vs. Riggins starts 5pm

10/7:  Wear PINK to the varsity games to support Breast Cancer Awareness

10/7:  JRH FB and VB Tourney in Cambridge starts 1pm

10/7:  VB vs. Salmon River starts 5pm (Senior Night)

10/7:  FB vs. Salmon River starts 7pm (Senior Night)

10/8:  JV VB Tourney in New Meadows starts 10am

10/11:  JV FB @ Council 6:30pm

10/14:  FB @ Cascade 6pm

10/15:  District VB in McCall

10/18:  District VB in McCall

10/21:  FB @ GV 3:00pm



Thank you to all of the patrons of the District for showing your support and passing the levy!!



AR Summer Point Earners are Rewarded with a Fishing Trip to Brownlee




The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
 – Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

The Midvale Elementary staff would like to send out a great big congratulation to the elementary students who participated in the summer reading programs made available to them both from our school and the local public community libraries in Midvale & Cambridge.

To reap the rewards of the school’s program, Midvale elementary students grades K-5 had to read Accelerated Reader books and take tests. An achievement of ten points earned several students the right to spend an afternoon excused from class swimming at the Midvale pool during the first week school was back in session.  The students who earned this right were: Emma Mikek, Bronson Landreth, Zachary Stiff, Jeremy Sutton, Gavin Springer, Alyssa Britton, Wyatt Stiff, Danner Morris, Gage Warren, and Tylie Dostie.  The teachers and students would like the Midvale Pool Board and employees to know how greatly we appreciate the use of the pool during non-business hours.  Thank you!

If the students put forth the additional effort to earn twenty AR points, they were granted an all-day fishing excursion at Brownlee Reservoir in early September while other students attended a regular school day.  These students were: Emma Mikek, Bronson Landreth, Zachary Stiff, Jeremy Sutton, Gavin Springer, Alyssa Britton, Wyatt Stiff, Danner Morris, and Gage Warren.  These motivated readers had a great time enjoying the boat trips and seeing how many fish each student could catch.  They also competed to see who could catch the largest fish.  After fishing for a while, the students enjoyed swimming in the reservoir.

Here’ an account from Jake Mikek, a father who went on the trip with his daughter, Emma, an incoming first grader. This was Emma’s first-ever fishing trip.

The Midvale School Fishing Trip for summer reading was a great success. We had 9 kids go and everyone got at least one fish. We went fishing below Brownlee Dam and then had lunch at McCormick Park. Then the trip turned into a swimming party. All the kids were soaked. Everyone had an amazing time and we could not have asked for better weather. I can’t wait to go again next year! (as long as my kid gets enough points, I’m sure she will…:-))

The teachers would like to express gratitude to the parents who spent part of their summer driving their child to the library to encourage him/her to read and take the AR tests.  We would also like to thank Mr. Warren, the parent chaperones, and the fishing crew, Ben Warren and John Cole, who volunteered their time and expertise and provided boats and equipment to reward these hard working students.



The elementary staff and administration would like to thank Midvale Community Librarian Heather Dixon for coordinating with our school’s summer reading program by allowing students to take AR tests at the library all summer and reinforcing and supporting our efforts here at the school with the library’s rewards and incentives. Students were thrilled with their bag of books and prizes.  We would also like to thank Elsie Coburn for facilitating the monthly story hour. It’s a community-wide effort. We appreciate all these ladies and other volunteers do at the library for our students!  Elsie and Heather are pictured above with summer readers.