The annual Veterans Day program took on a new look this year as it was held on Friday Nov. 11th in downtown Midvale.  The weather was beautiful and provided a brilliant sunny morning for Mr. Wilfred Fox to unveil the new Veterans Memorial.  MHS students played an active role as Isabelle DeVries sang the National Anthem, Isaac Besel welcomed everyone, Shawn McClary gave the invocation, high school students positioned all of the memorial flags, and the crowd favorite elementary students performed.  The event had a great turnout including parents, teachers, community members, and students all in attendance to honor our deserving veterans!


The elementary performers led the entire crowd in singing God Bless America at the culmination of the ceremony.  



American flags were placed surrounding the new memorial for all the Veterans from this area that are no longer with us.  



The elementary students preform military songs.




December Dates:

Dec. 1st:  GBB Liberty Charter @ Midvale 6pm

Dec. 1st:  BBB @ HSB 6pm

Dec. 2nd:  Student Work Day 8am-noon

Dec. 2nd:  BBB vs. McCall @ Cam 4:30 pm

Dec. 3rd:  GBB @ McCall 6pm

Dec. 6th:  Door Decorating Contest Ends

Dec. 6th:  BBB vs. Notus @ Midvale 6pm

Dec. 7th:  Drama performance 7pm MPR

Dec. 8th:  GB & BB vs HSB @ Midvale 4:30pm

Dec. 9th: JV GBB @ Meadows 6pm

Dec. 10th:  BBB vs. Riverstone @ Mt. View HS 4:45pm

Dec. 12th:  Elementary Christmas Program 7pm

Dec. 13th:  Senior Project Presentations 6pm

Dec. 13th:  Board Meeting 7pm

Dec. 14th:  GB & BB vs. Wilder @ MHS 4:30

Dec. 15th:  Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

Dec. 15th:  1st Semester Ends

Dec. 16th:  BBB @ McCall 4:30 pm

Dec. 19th:  Christmas Break Begins (Students Return 1/4/17)

Dec. 20th:  BB @ Compass (Sawtooth MS) 6pm

Dec. 29th & 30th:  GB & BB @ Notus Tourney


For the culmination of our Native American Unit before Thanksgiving break, my 4th and 5th grade class had a special day dressing up in the fabulous Indian costumes made by Tonya Holmes’s mother some years back.  I must say, even as a teacher, it’s still fun playing dress up.  The students’ favorite part of these activities is putting on the costumes.  (The highlight of the Indian costumes is donning the bells. All day long students enjoyed jumping and jingling in the classroom, hallways, and gymnasium during recess.)  They love being “in character” and are able to use their imaginations a bit better as they pretend what it would have been like to be an Indian several hundred years ago.   Students had spent a few weeks writing and researching the customs and cultures of an assigned Native American tribe. Fifth grade students each researched an American Indian tribe while fourth grade students researched an Idaho Indian tribe. Tribes represented in the class reports were: Bannock, Coeur d’ Alene, Kalispel, Kootenai, Nez Perce, Shoshoni, Cherokee, Mandan, Lakota Sioux, Navajo, Seminole, and Tlingit. Throughout the day students presented their reports to their classmates.  They were graded on content, speech, and eye contact.  The kindergarten and first grade class listened in on some of the reports.  Our class also had the opportunity to share some Native American folklore by reading stories to the preschool class. ~~ Mrs. DeVries









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